CNC Horizontal Boring Machines*

Make: Union BFT 130 (Heidenhain Controller)
Numbers: 5
Capacity: 1400x1600mm; 8MT
X/Y/Z /W Axis Travel: 2235/1500/2455/900mm
B Axis Rotation: 360◦
Spindle: Φ130mm

CNC Milling Machine

Make: Nicholas Correa A-25
Head Type: Universal Automatic 0-180◦
X Axis Travel: 7,000 mm
Y Axis Travel: 1,200 mm
Z Axis Travel: 1,500 mm
Speed Range: 20 – 2,500 rpm


Make: Juaristi
X Axis Travel: 4000 mm
W Axis Travel: 2000 mm
Y Axis Travel : 3000 mm
Z Axis Travel : 1000 mm
Head Power: 37 Kw
Table Carrying Load : 30000 Kgs
Machine Weight: 50000 Kgs

Fixed Double Column Machining Center

X Axis Travel : 5,000 mm
Y Axis Travel: 3,300 mm
Z Axis Travel: 1,500 mm
32 Tool Pallet CNC
*In addition, we have 6 Radial Drills and 3 H-Boring Machines at MIC.