ISO 9001:2008 certification for systems, processes and quality management
ISO 3834-2 certification for welding process management
ASME Sec IX and DIN 278 certified welding professionals
Quality Management
Quality management through measurement and controls, use of sampling, scorecards, visual charts, management reporting
All production employees trained on safety procedures and healthy work practices
Regular process audits; Third-party inspections arranged at customer requests
Ongoing training for workers in Arc Welding, MIG welding, Dressing Fabricated Components, Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing
Refresher courses at regular intervals after long absences from work
Product specific training for workers before they are allowed to work on customer orders.
Testing and Inspection
Destructive and non-destructive testing of raw materials and components, including Magnetic Particle testing, Ultrasonic testing etc.
Color coding and numbering of raw material and cut parts to ensure traceability and provide a visual display of quality checks done at every stage
Use of go/no-go gauges and other measurements to ensure adherence to tolerances at every stage